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Intermittent Fasting, Going to Muscle Failure…

Tips on intermittent fasting, where to focus during workouts, and updates on my health and fitness journey.

Don’t Let a Lil Rain Get You Down

Be happy and always do what you love to do! Don’t let rain be an excuse not to get outside...

Importance of Sleep

Often overlooked and undervalued is the importance of of a quality night’s sleep.

Plasma Detox Results

Seeing is believing, showing the results of the Plasma Detoxification process

Plasma Detox Explainer

Explaining the Plasma Detoxification process and benefits.

Injuries and Dealing with Them

Even while pushing your boundaries, it’s important to do so safely and within your own level of fitness. Injuries occur...

Longevity in Life Tips

Strength training, cardiovascular exercise, shocking your system, diet, knowing your body’s current condition, and additional therapies will help all (especially...

Benchpress @ 2AM 10x255lbs

Mike sneaks in a late night workout in a very uncrowded gym, no excuses.

Healthy Old Mike is trying

We don’t always get the things we want on the first try, the important thing is to keep trying and...

Healthy Old Mike plays on championship hockey team in Bangkok.