Who is Mike?

My name is Mike and I am 57 years old and I have an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s Syndrome.  A few years ago, in many ways I was incapacitated with fatigue and inflammation throughout my body which are both symptoms of this terrible disease.   The disease was progressing much worse as indicate by my specialist doctor as my stress levels were too high due to many life challenges that all of us are presented with and can use as an excuse to stop trying.

I decided that I was not going to allow my condition to dominate my life and instead use it as motivation to excel.   As part of my personal motivation I created this site to not only try to motivate others but to also motivate myself. 

If an “old guy” like me with many strikes against me can do it then anyone can do it!    As of the date I am writing this introduction I can accomplish the following: (November 2021)

-bench press 275 pounds

-60 plus pushups daily in less than 90 seconds with chest to ground and great technique

-run a mile in less than 6 mins and 30 seconds.

I don’t say this to impress you but to impress upon you that we are only limited in so many ways by limiting believes.    If you told me a few years ago I could bench press 275 pounds I would have said you were crazy.

We are given just one body and in so many ways when I was younger I did not appreciate and respect my body the way that I should have through alcohol abuse, poor eating, improper sleep patterns etc. 

At almost 40 percent body fat and very high cortisone levels a few years ago, I was on a collision course with a graveyard.   Every journey starts with the first step and if I can do it then you can do it, your friend can do it, anybody can do it.

I still suffer from extreme fatigue and some days I still find it very hard to get out of bed, let alone go to the guy but I force myself AND I DO IT.  I eat lots of vegetables, I avoid processed food, as part of my exercise I have found that weights are the most important way to maintain strength and muscle tone.  Of course, this makes sense but most people as they get older forget weight training.

Please share your story with me and yes “YOU CAN DO IT”.   Take baby steps!  You are never too old or too fat or too sick to start.  These are just excuses. 

I also embrace modern preventative medicine such as NAD Therapy, Curcumin Treatments, IV Liver Detoxification etc.  I also embrace modern medicine but believe the medical industry should focus much more on preventative care than reactionary care.   We need both but right now it is 99 percent reactionary care.

We are given only one life and we are here for only a short time.   Let’s live each day to the fullest in a body that we respect so we feel better and more productive.

Healthy Old MIke