An inspirational conversation with Gareth Payne

Gareth Payne is a bilateral below knee amputee. In spite of this life limitation he is still a paramotor pilot that foot launches, an actor, TV chef, and reality TV star. In the west he is not as well known, but here in Thailand he does regular TV shows, creates viral online clips, and tries to help and make a difference to people who have lost their way. He currently works Wednesday to Sunday selling burgers outside, rain or shine, via his food cart. He does this in order to take care of his family and provide for his children. In particular his new son who is now 11 months old with down syndrome and 2 holes in his heart (along with several other issues). Despite being well recognized from his film and TV work, his burger business is also quite popular here in Thailand. This is due, in large part, to the Thais having a saying/motto of “su su” or “keep fighting”. This struggle to persevere is highly evident in all of Gareth’s endeavors and the Thai people strongly admire this attribute in him. Gareth is, and continues to be, a happy person that doesn’t believe he is disabled but instead just an abled person that must attach legs each morning. Even though he has already accomplished so many things, he still aspires to run a marathon and attempt to fly his paramotor from the very north to the very south of Thailand His YouTube channel, Ampu Flier Captain Payne, shows his ability to follow through on what he says and intends to do. A simple online search of his name or his business (Captain’s Corner Burgers and Kebabs or No Name Burgers which is the previous business name) will show just how many people he reaches on a consistent basis. He is truly an inspiration for people that block themselves from achieving more. Gareth continues to give people inspiration, hope, and the kick some need to see anything is possible when you stay positive and never lose focus.

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